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we together for a united,solidary Europe!


For one weekend, remote from everyday life, a city of collective unison comes into existence at an airfield in Großenhain near Dresden. Thousands of people, as diverse as they could possibly be, gather together and find what connects them: common values such as solidarity, unity, equal rights and freedom. Boundaries, as we know them and in which we live, do not exist there.

30.05 – 02.06.2019
Großenhain near Dresden


A young generation comes together to exchange views, ideas and visions: therefore during the day the festival programme ranges from workshops, interactions and communication, to poetry-slams and an included festival-cinema and offers much more than just great music in the evening and during the night.

be a partweare@eurovercity.eu


More democracy, more freedom and unity but less borders and separation. We are the generation, which always lived in a liberal and united Europe full of possibilities, chances and diversity. In times of growing isolation and discrimination it is essential to respect, appreciate and even defend those values.

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Station Endlos Aufbau

Station Endlos

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Charles Bronson

Charles Bronson

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TUM Hyperloop

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Poetry Slam United - Chemnitz|Dresden|Halle
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We are a young team from Halle (Saale) consisting of students and young entrepeneurs – engaged open minded individuals. We started this project because racism and nationalism, right-wing populism and a deep misunderstanding between European nations are not problems from the past but present and contemporary issues.

Eurovercity is our vision for the future to be created by our generation that has grown up in a union without borders. With Eurovercity we want to set a clear mark against these recent developments. It’s time to stand up for the values that are the foundation of a united Europe: Peace, Freedom and Solidarity.

The project stands for an open-minded, welcoming and tolerant Europe where the people are the central point, independent of religion or nationality. We are proud of the diversity of our continent, its’ different people and cultures. Eurovercity provides a platform to connect people from different European countries, to get to know each other, exchange informations and share a vision. It depends on your creativity and involvement. Represent your country, University or hometown, design and shape this euroverCITY. There are no limitations to your creativity and ideas.

You are a invited to be part of Eurovercity! Get involved and create our future!


Eurovercity e.V.
Gr. Ulrichstraße 18
06108 Halle