Caution! Today we want to introduce you to a great project and the inspiring dude behind it. 

The idea ofSmells Like Van Spirit” is simple but remarkably inspiring. “To unite a continent by recording an album with street musicians from every corner of Europe.”  

The guy behind this story is Marten. In the last 18 months he travelled through Europe in his van and searched for the best street musicians he could find all over the continent and recorded them. Music connects people and Marten not only wanted to illustrate Europe´s great diversity when it comes to music but also wanted to give those great musicians a platform and a chance to be heard 

So he recorded an album and documented his spectacular journey through Europe. Now he is happy to present “Pavement Melodies”, which in his own words isAn album and documentary movie about Europe, Music, Passion and the purest songs and stories by the best street musicians I’ve recorded in the past 18 months in over 25 European Countries”.  

Make sure you visit his blog and check out his YouTube channel