You have great ideas that can change the status quo? You want to shape the society you are living in? The time to get active is right now. But how to start, how to become an activist or “changemaker”? 

Meet Robert and Martin. Both are actively engaging in political movements and are part of great and inspiring projects that shape important aspects of our society and share our European vision. 

At Eurovercity they will speak about political activism, what it needs to become what they would refer to as “changemaker”, and how start your own projects. 

Among other things Robert is part of the #FreeInterrail campaign that is committed to provide free access to travelling Europe for young people from the EU. Martin is part of the movement „EuropeanMaythat for instance organizes a demonstration for solidarity among Europe’s workers. Both will present their projects, talk about political activism, how to become Changemakers“ and positive aspects of Europe.
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