IDEM NEVI is a french techno producer and we are proud that he will join the Eurovercity-Festival this year.

We talked with him about his way into music and his career so far.

How did you get into music ?

I think I really got into music 6 years ago when I moved to Toulouse for my Engineering work. I started to go to some techno parties in the famous place „Le Bikini“ with a group of friends, and I just fell in love with this music.I think I started to play around with ableton at that time and I think I really started to work on making music a year later. I was knowing no-one who was making that kind of music at that time so I just learned pretty much everything by myself.

What are your career highlights so far ?

I would start by the release of my Album „Carmelites“ on ChillMasters Records Last year which has been unexpectedly supported by Djs like Richie Hawtin, Noir, Regal, Oxia, Paco Osuna, Marco Carola, Amine Edge & Dance and so many other great artists. And I was really happy to see Richie Hawtin playing one of the track during the opening of ADE in Amsterdam.  

Then I would say when I played in Bordeaux in a World War 2 underwater base for submarines. The spot is totally unreal with wrecked submarines inside, real bombs and bullets impacts everywhere on the walls. I think one of my best experience so far !

Moreover I would pick up that time when I played for I love Techno Europe or that time I played in „Le bikini“ which is the big venue I spoke about when I discovered my passion for Techno music. Felt kind of an achievement to be able to play in that club where I spent so many hours raving.

FInally I’m now part of the Management and Booking agency „Dancecode“ through my agent Romain. 


Why are you happy to be part of Eurovercity ?

I’m really happy to be part of the adventure because the core of the festival is based on sharing. It also gives a chance for the visitors to discover a various number of different arts & life experiences besides the music.


As an artist and producer you are probably traveling a lot. What’s your favourite spot/place to be in Europe ?

Amsterdam without a doubt if I had to name a city. The country side where I come from in France if I had to name a region


Do you have a short statement for the festival attendees?

Simply enjoy !


We are looking forward to partying with you and IDEM NEVI at Eurovercity-Festival.