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Tickets won´t be personalized, nevertheless commercial reselling is prohibited. There will be different tickets available: 

  • Camp-Parking-Ticket – This ticket allows you to park your car right next to your tent. Limited numbers available! The ticket loses validity when you leave the campsite with the car.
  • Pre-Party Ticket Thursday 30th May – Thursday evening the festival starts with a pre-party on our Campus-Stage together with our beloved friends from Station Endlos!
  • Dayticket Friday – This ticket allows you to enjoy a full day of festival and diversity! Valid for Friday 31.05.


  • Dayticket Saturday - This ticket allows you to enjoy a full day of festival and diversity! Valid for Saturday 01.06.


  • Weekendticket – Diversity all weekend long! This ticket allows you to enjoy the festival to the fullest, starting thursday (March 30) all the way until sunday (June 02). Camping included! With this ticket you're free to roam the whole place, campsite and festival area. Not included is the Camp-Parking-Ticket, which enables you to park right next to your tent.


  • Weekendticket + Easy-Camp - same as Weekendticket but additionally we provide your tent at the campsite. Perfect for people that don´t own their own tent. (Does not include sleeping bags)


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Place on the map

Großenhain is close to Dresden, Saxony, which offers a perfect location to be reached from all directions throughout Europe.

There are two bigger airports nearby, Dresden International Airport and Halle/Leipzig airport. Next Autobahn would be A13 east of Großenhain and A14 + A4 south of it

Click here to check out the location on Google Maps!

Camping & Parking

Camping is included in the weekend-ticket. We will also offer a limited amount of Campparking-Tickets for 15€ each, so you can camp at your vehicle. Additionally there will be more than enough parking spaces. Regular parking tickets will be available for 5€ each.

Großenhain residents

We are very happy that Großenhain is hosting our festival so we would like to invite every resident to join Eurovercity. Of course you will get free entry.


Camping is included in Weekendtickets. In combination with a Campparking-Ticket you can camp at your vehicle. Please note that Campparking-Tickets will be limited. First come, first serve.  

The camping ground is equipped with toilets and showers. We will also provide spots with free drinking water.  

The camping ground and concert area will not be separated. You can bring unlimited food and drinks to all areas.  

Please note that glass is prohibited everywhere. The risks of cuts and injuries are just too high.

Opening Times

The camping ground will be open from Thursday 30th May 10:00 am and closes on Monday 3rd June at 10:00 am.


More info tba

First aid

There will be first aid tents on the camping ground and concert area. Feel free to contact any staffmember for help if needed. Please look out for each other and make sure to help in case of emergency.

Awareness Team

At Eurovercity we want that everyone feels welcome and comfortable. If you witness any incidents of sexual harassment, violence, disrespect or discrimination please inform our Awareness Team or security personnel immediately.  Also, have the courage to stand up against such incidents!

Open campfires

Open campfires are prohibited due to safety reasons.  

Of course you can use disposable and small, enclosed barbecues on the campground. We will also provide a common barbecue space where you can cook your food and eat together.


Yes we know, glass is much better and more sustainable than plastic bottles. Nevertheless glass is prohibited on the festival area due to high risks of cuts and injuries. 

Animals & Pets

Please leave your dragons and hamsters at home. Animals are prohibited on the festival area.

Family & Youth protection

Families and kids are welcome at EurovercityUnder 16-year olds are only permitted to participate if accompanied by a guardian. A person may act as a guardian if, either alone or jointly with another person, they are entitled to do so under the provisons of the German Civil Code. This is generally the parents, but not people acting with parental authority (e.g. an older friend). 


You can bring your own food and drinks to the festival. Additionally there will be a foodcourt offering a diverse variety of vegan and non-vegan food. As community plays a crucial role at Eurovercity there will be a common picknick and barbecue area where you can cook and eat together.  

The festival area contains a small grocery store as well.

Lost & Found

There will be a central Lost & Found station. Please hand in any found valuables. If you lost something you can ask there or contact us afterwards at weare@eurovercity.eu

Prohibited items

No glass containers or weapons of all kinds are permitted. Please leave your dogs and cats and all other animals at home. No big furniture like sofas, any kind of bulky waste, drugs, gas containers >450 grams, explosive substances, unauthorised fireworks, sound systems, PA-systems or firewood will be allowed on site. No unconstitutional or discriminatory flags, banners, stickers or patches are allowed to carry. 
Don’t use a gas container if it is damaged or in poor condition. Make sure it is safe to use and meets the requirements of the german DIN norm before using it.

Drinking water

We will provide water stations where you can always re-fill your bottles. Make sure to stay hydrated! 


Of course we want you to have fun and hope that you enjoy your time at the festival. Nevertheless please think about your environment as well. Try to avoid unnecessary litter. Do not wilfully destroy trees and groves or harm the nature nearby.  (Do not harm the nature in general!)

Garbage & garbage deposit

There will be garbage bins all over the festival area. Please be so kind and use them. On top of that there will be a garbage deposit. 

Stages & places to go

On the festival area you will find different interesting spots and stages. 

  • "We are one" Mainstage  

The Mainstage Line Up is filled with diversified acts serving all preferences.  


  • Electro Stage 

Finest electronic tunes around the clock.  


  • Campusstage  

Your favourite newcomer Dj´s from different cities, universities or clubs 


  • Cinema Hangar [by Realeyz] 

Hang out at the Cinema Hangar and enjoy cool independent movies. 


  • Open Stage on Campsite 

This is your stage. Here is space for everything. Poetry Slams, Jam-Sessions, Speeches, Discussions or your band. Cheer up! 


  • Gallery & Workshop space 

We will provide a space where you can participate in different interesting workshops and debates or get in touch with NGO´s and other dedicated people.  


  • Awareness  Tent 

We want that everyone feels welcome and comfortable at Eurovercity. There will be no space for any kind of harassment, discrimination, sexism and all other forms of violence and hate. If you witness any incidents please do not hesitate to report to our security staff or seek for help at our Awareness-tent.  


  • Feelfree Area 

Yoga, Pilatis, Relax, Sleep, Meditation 


  • Boulderspace  

If you are looking for some sportive activity, come to our Boulderspace. 


  • love mobil  - ´like tinder, but analog and offline  


  • Kiosk 

There will be a small kiosk where you can get some basic groceries and drinks.  


  • Food-Corner and Picknick Space 

At our Food-Corner we provide a wide range of delicious food to suit all kinds of taste, be it vegan, vegetarian or meat-based.  

There will also be a common picknick area where you can prepare and enjoy your own food. If you do not have your own barbecue you can use the common barbecue. Cooking is much more fun together.  


  • Water station 

Here you can re-fill your bottles and stay hydrated for free.  


  • Lost and Found

Eurovercity e.V.
Gr. Ulrichstraße 18
06108 Halle