About the Artist

>> It’s customary to say of new artists that their music is catchy, and often it is, but Say Yes Dog’s is really catchy.

Say Yes Dog’s music isn’t just child-friendly, it’s club-friendly. It’s music for Day-Glo cuddly furry cartoon animals to perform choreographed routines in a discotheque for the under-fives. And yet even at its most infectious and insistent it somehow sounds downbeat, sad. This has a lot to do with the singer’s dry, doleful delivery, and it helps create a mood, a tone, that can perhaps best be described as forlorn funk or wistful disco. And this in turn explains the numerous comparisons that have been made between Say Yes Dog – two Berliners and a Luxembourger based in the Hague – and Hot Chip.

After all, they met at the Royal Conservatoire in the Hague where two of them studied sound engineering and the third was a drummer from the jazz department. This suggests a certain cerebral approach might be inevitable, doesn’t it? They were in, variously, a punk/ska band, a German rock band, and a pop/funk band before becoming Say Yes Dog. And now they’re just sitting back and counting the plaudits. One website has even proclaimed them „Europe’s best-kept electro-pop secret“. << (Guardian)



Say Yes Dog [Berlin]